Indomptable Angélique (1967)

  • 导演: 贝尔纳·博尔德里
  • 类型: 冒险
  • 制片国家/地区: 法国 / 西德 / 意大利
  • 语言: 法语
  • 片长: France: 95 分钟,Germany: 80 分钟
  • 又名: 百劫红颜 安琦丽珂4:安琦丽珂,台译:百劫红颜寻夫记
  • 上映日期: 1967-10-27
  • imdb网址: tt0061819
  • Indomptable Angélique剧情简介
      Angélique leaves the king and the court to try to find her husband, Joffrey de Peyrac. In the Mediterranean she embarks on a galley which is soon attacked by Barbaresque pirates. Angélique jumps overboard, not knowing that the pirates?chief, the Rescator, is in fact Peyrac. Rescued by a man named d'Escrainville, she has to fight his advances. Furious, he decides sell her at the Candia slave market.
      Released: 1967 Duration: 95 minutes

    标签:  爱情 / 法国 / 1960s / 法国电影 / 愛情文藝(古代) / 意大利 / 传奇 / 电影
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