Bolívar soy yo (2002)

  • 导演: Jorge Alí Triana
  • 编剧: Manuel Arias / Alberto Quiroga
  • 主演: Robinson Díaz / Amparo Grisales
  • 类型: 剧情 / 喜剧 / 历史
  • 制片国家/地区: Colombia / 法国
  • 语言: 西班牙语
  • 又名: Bolivar I Am
  • 上映日期: 2002-03-13
  • imdb网址: tt0257282
  • Bolívar soy yo剧情简介
      The actor, Santiago Miranda, frantically abandons the production set of the popular soap opera "The lovers of the Liberator" because he doesn’t agree with the script considering it a misunderstanding of history and instead flees toward delusion. Balancing between lucidity and madness, the actor aspires to rewrite and direct the remaining episodes of the soap opera in order to illustrate the real vision and dream of Bolivar. Miranda is also determined to finish Bolivar’s dream of creating the "Great Colombia": a strong and unified state consisting of 5 Latin-American countries that would combat the institutional chaos, lack of opportunity and ignite the rebuilding of a region that faced 160 years of internal war.

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