Coin Locker Babies (2010)

  • 导演: Michele Civetta
  • 主演: Val Kilmer / Asia Argento / Sean Lennon / 浅野忠信 / Jon Falcone
  • 制片国家/地区: France / USA
  • 语言: English
  • 又名: 寄物柜里的婴孩
  • imdb网址: tt0451019
  • Coin Locker Babies剧情简介
      A film version of the international bestseller Coin Locker Babies is currently in development, starring Val Kilmer, Tadanobu Asano and Asia Argento. The screenplay was worked on by Jordan Galland, Peter Kline and Sean Lennon. The film is being directed by Michele Civetta and produced by Don Murphy & French Mini-major studio Wild Bunch.
      Civetta is preparing this film that is scheduled to shoot in the summer of 2010 in Thailand and Japan. The film is a co-production between Don Murphy's Angry Films (Natural Born Killers, Bully, From Hell, Transformers) and the French Studio Wild Bunch (City of God, Irreversible, March of the Penguins, Che) and stars Val Kilmer, Gael Garcia Bernal, Asia Argento, Brady Corbett, Jamie Cambell Bower, Devon Aoki and Tadanobu Asano. Mr. Civetta is also preparing a film with Alain Guede based on the life of the Chevalier de Saint George. Most recently Civetta and his company Quintessence Films commissioned and produced a series of 42 second short films based on Dreams for 42 Below Vodka/ Bacardi. Some of the filmmakers involved include David Lynch, Kenneth Anger, Gaspar Noe, Sergei Bodrov, Larry Clark, Harmony Korine, and Mike Figgis.

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