anno 1790 (2011)

  • 导演: Rickard Petrelius
  • 编剧: Jonas Frykberg
  • 主演: Peter Eggers / Joel Spira and Linda Zilliacus
  • 制片国家/地区: SWEDEN
  • 又名: The Age of Enlightenment, year 1790
  • 集数: 10
  • imdb网址: tt2081620
  • anno 1790剧情简介
      The series is based on an original idea by executive producer Johan Mardell and lead writer Jonas Frykberg. Mardell is no newcomer to the world of historical fiction, being the producer behind the successful Arn – The Knight Templar films. Richard Petrelius, best known for his work on the poppular TV-series Skärgårdsdoktorn will direct most episodes aided by Levan Akin and Christina Humle.Guldbagge winning cinematographer Geir Hartly Andreassen has also signed on to the project . The main scriptwriter is Jonas Frykberg best known for his work on the motion picture The Girl who Played with Fire[4] and will work with Sara Heldt and Alex Haridi.
      The main character is Johan Gustav Dåådh (Peter Eggers) a former army physician from the Russo-Swedish War (1788–1790), now criminal inspector in Stockholm. He is inspired by the French revolution and the new ideas of his time. He is an atheist, a strong supporter of Republicanism and has embraced Voltaire's freethought philosophy. He has also fallen in love with his superior officer Walhstedt's wife Magdalena. Dåådh and Magdalena both share the same world view and this brings them into a romantic relationship. Dåådh struggles with changing the current world while influencing his revolutionary friends to refrain from violence and an armed struggle.

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