Warren.Millers.Snowriders. (1996)

  • 导演: Kurt Miller / Peter Speek
  • 主演: Paul Miller / Warren Miller / Travis Ramos
  • 制片国家/地区: 美国
  • 语言: 英语
  • imdb网址: tt0117677
  • Warren.Millers.Snowriders.剧情简介
      Spectacular shots of snowcapped peaks and extreme skiers gracefully defying gravity, not to mention common sense, are the highlights of this entertaining video from the venerable guru of skiing movies, Warren Miller. Sparing no expense, Miller's film crews span the globe, shooting snowboarders careening down absurdly steep Alaskan peaks, ski guides helicoptering to remote slopes in British Columbia, and hardy (and uninhibited) Scotsmen who boldly catch some "big air" in kilts. This video is fraught with offbeat humor, including shots of a snowshoe race that could have been filmed by Mack Sennett, and footage of "face jumping," the oddball diversion of hurling oneself off Alpine glaciers and parachuting to earth. Miller's gentle narration, replete with trademark corny remarks reminiscent of old movie newsreels, mixes with a musical soundtrack of contemporary rock that is often uncannily synched with the astounding footage of extreme skiing. While this video is primarily a treat for those who love to ski, the beautifully photographed nonstop action makes the production hypnotically entertaining for those who have never ventured near the slopes.

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