World.Comedy.Unplugged (2004)

  • 制片国家/地区: 澳大利亚
  • 语言: 英语
  • World.Comedy.Unplugged剧情简介
      ◎片  长 54 Mins
      ◎导  演
      ◎主  演 Judith Lucy
      Greg Fleet
      Maria Bamford
      Jeff Green
      Wil Anderson
      Lenny Clarke
      John Moloney
      Lewis Black
      Lee Mack
      Tom Gleeson
      Ahn Do
      Sabrina Matthews
      Adam Ferrara
      ◎简  介
      On World Comedy Unplugged 2003, some of the best comedians from Australia and overseas will have you rolling around in stiches with just under two hours of non-stop laughter.
      It features some of the hottest talent in comedy from Australia,Ireland, Canada, America and the United Kingdom.
      Host Nation Australia fronts the hilarious antics of Greg Fleet,Judith Lucy, Ahn Do, Tom Gleeson and Wil Anderson. Representing the UK are the incredible Jeff Green, Lee Mack and John Moloney. While the Irish sent over their best talent in Ardal O'Hanlon and Tommy Tiernan.
      Included are the cream of the crop in US comedy in Maria Bamford,Lewis Black, Lenny Clarke, Adam Ferrara and Sabrina Matthews.
      And you will be highly entertained by Canada's Jason John Whitehead and Jeremy Hotz. Prepare for one of the greatest television events of the year - this is World Comedy Unplugged 2003.

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