Nick Offerman: American Ham (2014)

  • 导演: 乔丹·沃格特-罗伯茨
  • 编剧: 尼克·奥弗曼
  • 类型: 喜剧
  • 制片国家/地区: 美国
  • 语言: 英语
  • 片长: 78分钟
  • 上映日期: 2014-01-23
  • imdb网址: tt3441700
  • Nick Offerman: American Ham剧情简介
      If you like your ham hot and steamy with a sexy side dish of full-bellied laughter, come and dine at the comic feast laid out by the one-and-only Nick Offerman. Director Jordan Vogt Roberts (The Kings of Summer screened as Toy’s House in last year’s U.S. Dramatic competition) returns to the Sundance Film Festival for the second year in a row with this live taping of Offerman’s one-man show from the Town Hall theatre in New York.
      In Nick Offerman: American Ham, the humorist widely known for his breakout role as Ron Swanson in NBC’s Parks and Recreation serves up “10 Tips for a Prosperous Life”—tips that run the gamut from “carry a hanky” to “have a relationship with Jesus Christ…if it gets you laid.” And, of course, if it does get you laid, you can always use that hanky to clean up the spunk. These are but morsels in a full-on comedy banquet of philosophical anecdotes, irreverent songs, and practical woodworking tips served up saucy by one very talented comic ham, complete with minor nudity.
      - D.C.

    标签:  2014 / stand-up / Standup.Comedy / 主任 / 其它 / 彩色
    Nick Offerman: American Ham评论、影评、观后感
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    Nick Offerman给自己的设定就是一整个浑身散发雄性荷尔蒙的美国乡村村大佬再加上那么一点愤世嫉俗和人生导师,这么一来竟然还让人觉得他挺性感. 这stand-up并不觉得好笑,只是喜欢没完没了的sex joke和eat pussy.给老婆写的那首Rainbow Song在他的书里也出现过实在是太软太萌.配图每一张都想截下来贴墙上
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