别抛弃我! Aldrig släppa taget (2014)

  • 导演: Karin Wegsjö
  • 编剧: Karin Wegsjö
  • 类型: 纪录片
  • 制片国家/地区: 瑞典
  • 片长: 58分钟
  • 又名: Don’t Count Me Out!
  • imdb网址: tt2599968
  • 别抛弃我!剧情简介
      2009年,她与艺术家Janna Holmstedt共同成立了现在学会(Nu-institutet),这是一个以艺术作为跨学科手段研究当下时代的平台,项目遍布瑞典甚至全球。
      This is a film about Maria, a beautiful actress and loving single mother of a little child, who in her early 40’s gets the diagnosis ALS – an incurable, deadly disease. This is a film about not giving up and al-ways believing in miracles, no matter how bad the odds get.
      From shortly after she gets the diagnosis to the present, we follow Maria in her struggle. She decides to overcome the disease and tries every possible way to get well. She promises to keep on working and to stay in this life as long as possible!
      In the middle of her struggle she very unexpectedly meets love. Jonas, a tall and handsome man with a light version of MS, is taken by Maria’s strong personality and they start to plan for a life together. It’s spring, they get engaged and a church is booked. But time and disease mercilessly goes on and as Maria gets worse, Jonas hesitates and the wedding is indefinitely postponed. It’s not working out with her assistants and Maria is feeling that she’s loosing contact with her son. She’s frustrated but she won’t give up.
      “Don’t count me out”, she says hardly audible, ”I’ll make a theatre play, I’ll write a book, I’ll fight until I get the help I need!” Still hoping. Still believing that she through some miracle will get well.
      Director Bio
      Karin holds an MA in Theatre Directing from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in Stockholm and has worked as a director of film and theatre since 1997 as well as being an experienced theatre de-signer.
      Her film “The Discreet Charm of Bucharest” was nominated for the Swedish Guldbagge Award in 1999 and “The Cow Film“ won the award in 2001 as well as awards at Karlovy Vary, Golden Gate and other international film festivals.
      Karin is the founder and artistic director of FILM & SCIENCE, the Nobel Museum’s International Sci-ence Film Festival and her films about Albert Einstein and Alfred Nobel for the Museum has been highly acclaimed.
      In 2009 she founded Nu-institutet together with the artist Janna Holmstedt. It is a platform for investigating the present time using art as an interdisciplinary method and together they have done both national and international projects.

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