the great rock'n'roll swindle (1980)

  • 导演: Julien Temple
  • 主演: Malcolm McLaren / Steve Jones / Sid Vicious
  • 类型: 喜剧 / 音乐 / 歌舞
  • 制片国家/地区: 英国
  • 语言: 英语
  • 片长: USA: 103 分钟
  • 上映日期: 1980-09-11
  • imdb网址: tt0080813
  • the great rock'n'roll swindle剧情简介
      Plot Summary for
      The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1980)
      A rather incoherent post-breakup Sex Pistols "documentary", told from the point of view of Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, whose (arguable) position is that the Sex Pistols in particular and punk rock in general were an elaborate scam perpetrated by him in order to make "a million pounds." Silly and hard to follow at times, but worth seeing for some excellent Pistols concert footage, some wickedly amusing animated sequences, and Sid Vicious' eerily prophetic performance of "My Way."
      Summary written by Marty Cassady {}
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    橙子换马甲  2013-12-09
    朋克们就是喜欢dress up 和 mess up的小朋友~ 比想象的好看很多…比julien temple那个comic strip也好看>< 以及Johnny Rotten好漂亮~ 考虑明天用commentary音轨再看一遍…
    britboy  2015-04-18
    ringkey  2010-04-17
    in memory of sid