Barrio Cuba (2005)

  • 导演: 温贝托·索洛斯
  • 编剧: Sergio Benvenuto
  • 类型: 剧情
  • 制片国家/地区: Cuba
  • 语言: 西班牙语
  • 片长: 105 分钟
  • 上映日期: 2005
  • imdb网址: tt0499311
  • Barrio Cuba剧情简介
      Filmmaker Humberto Solas weaves together three stories of people struggling to find love and security on the margins of life in Havana in this poignant comedy-drama. Magalis (Luisa Maria Jimenez) is a nurse who has become the unwitting target of repeated romantic advances from Ignacio Mario Limonta), a man many years her senior who works in a lumberyard. One day, Ignacio is seriously injured while on the job, and he's taken to the hospital, where to his delight and her annoyance Magalis is assigned to look after him. Elsewhere, El Chino (Jorge Perugorria) is a truck driver who has fallen in love with Vivian (Isabel Santos), who works in a drugstore. Vivian and Chino's relationship is deeply passionate, and they're both delighted when she discovers she's pregnant. However, their joy turns to lingering grief when she suffers a miscarriage. And finally, Maria (Ana Dominguez) has been quarreling with her husband Santo (Rafael Lahera) and leaves him, which is worrisome for Santo since she's pregnant with his child. Eventually, Maria reconsiders and comes home, to the joy and relief of Santo and his mother Amparo (Adela Legra). However, the fates have decided their happiness will be short lived. Barrio Cuba received its American premiere at the 2006 Palm Springs Film Festival.

    标签:  古巴 / Cuba / 拉美电影 / 西班牙Spain / 西班牙 / 表演 / 国家_古巴 / 2000s
    Barrio Cuba评论、影评、观后感
    Mannialanck  2012-03-01
    南无老庄  2012-09-26
    La realidad les golpea ,pero ellos nunca pierden la esperanza de un futuro mejor ,de recuperar un amor ,de conseguirlo,de superarse ……
    玩玩  2010-12-11
    看的是没字幕的 看懂了大意...
    拍法、剪辑上稍微有点唐突,但仍是他的手笔,有其强大之处。这位南美最强的导演(after Humberto Mauro)就跟brocka一样,手下尽是些精兵强将,20世纪之后还能拍出这种质感的东西来跟能聚集这班演员有很大关系。一生无弱作,完美谢幕!