The Arizona Raiders (1936)

  • 导演: James P. Hogan
  • 编剧: Zane Grey / John W. Krafft
  • 主演: 巴斯特·克拉比 / 雷蒙德·哈顿 / 玛莎·亨特
  • 类型: 西部
  • 制片国家/地区: 美国
  • 语言: 英语
  • 片长: 57 分钟
  • 上映日期: 1936-06-28
  • imdb网址: tt0027308
  • The Arizona Raiders剧情简介
      Laramie Nelson, falsely accused of horse-stealing, is about to be strung up by a posse when a sudden lurch of his horse knocks down his would-be executioners, and he makes his escape. He soon comes upon another hanging posse and saves "Honest" Tracks Williams, accused of a long, long list of minor crimes, and the two ride off together. They come to a small Arizona town, and their first encounter is with attorney Monroe Adams and his client, Harriet Lindsay, owner of the large, prosperous Spanish Peaks ranch. Harriet and Adams have come to town to stop the marriage of her young sister, Lenta, to shy young Alonzo "Lonesome" Mulhall. They are successful, and Alonzo is jailed, along with Tracks, following his attempt to shoot up the town. Tracks offers to arrange an elopement for Alonzo as soon as they are out of jail. Laramie gets them out of jail ahead of schedule by stampeding a herd of cattle through town during a Fourth of July celebration. The three head for Harriet's ranch, where Laramie and Tracks get jobs as ranch hands, while Alonzo hides out in the brush. Laramie soon discovers that Adams is in league with ranch foreman Luke Arledge to steal Harriet's herd of fine horses.

    标签:  collected / obscure / rapid / 西部
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