Derren Brown: An Evening of Wonders

  • 导演: Ben Caron
  • 主演: 达伦·布朗
  • 制片国家/地区: 英国
  • 语言: 英语
  • 上映日期: 2009-01-13
  • imdb网址: tt1380792
  • Derren Brown: An Evening of Wonders剧情简介
      More 'magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship' from psychological illusionist extraordinaire Derren Brown. Here Derren brings his mind-bending powers to the stage for his live show AN EVENING OF WONDERS. The show fuses Derren's established sleight-of-hand trickery with impressive feats of memory, and astonishing stage theatrics.

    标签:  DerrenBrown / 魔术 / 英国 / 催眠术 / 应用心理学 / 表演艺术 / 英剧 / 神秘
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