Igra Ljubavi

  • 导演: Vladimir Momcilovic
  • 主演: Predrag Ejdus
  • 制片国家/地区: 南斯拉夫
  • 又名: Game Of Love
  • 上映日期: 1967
  • Igra Ljubavi剧情简介
      A young woman and man are riding bikes through nature, having a good time. When she speeds up, he loses her, and after a while he stumbles across her bike without any trace of her. He stumbles through the forest looking for her, imagining how she kisses him.
      IMHO, this is just a weak, pathetic attempt to be poetic and surreal. But some of you might find it interesting, specially because of Predrag Ejdus at his younger age.

    标签:  南斯拉夫 / 短片 / 1960s / 1967 / 欧洲 / Балкан / 四星 / 南斯拉夫黑浪潮
    Igra Ljubavi评论、影评、观后感
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