X夫人:绝对的统治者 Madame X - Eine absolute Herrscherin (1978)

  • 导演: Ulrike Ottinger / Tabea Blumenschein
  • 编剧: 乌尔莱克·奥汀格
  • 主演: Tabea Blumenschein / Roswitha Janz
  • 类型: 奇幻
  • 制片国家/地区: 西德
  • 语言: 德语
  • 片长: 147 min
  • 又名: Madame X: An Absolute Ruler
  • 上映日期: 1978
  • imdb网址: tt0076349
  • X夫人:绝对的统治者剧情简介
      Adventure and fun on the high seas awaits these oppressed women in the classic avant-garde film from Ulrike Ottinger. Adventure and fun on the high seas comes at a price for this band of stereotyped women, who answer a call to join Madame X on her ship Chinese Orlando and experience a life without rules and patriarchal tyranny. However old roles reassert themselves and the women find themselves swapping one kind of servitude for another as Madame X demands complete devotion from her shipmates, even the ones she is enamoured with.
      An early low-budget film from renowned avant-garde filmmaker Ottinger, who actually took all crew positions while shooting in order to bring her outlandish vision to light. Madame X subverts traditional modes of narrative cinema creating a challenging and allegorical tale of female empowerment.
      In this extravagantly aestheticized, postmodern pirate film famous, lesbian filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger appropriates the male genre for feminist allegory. Madame X — the cruel, uncrowned ruler of the China seas — promises "gold, love, and adventure" to all women who'll leave their humdrum lives behind. Gathered aboard her ship, Orlando, are a range of types: a frumpy housewife, a glamorous diva, a psychologist, a very German outdoorswoman, a bush pilot, an artist (played by Yvonne Rainer), and a "native" beauty. Their utopia devolves into betrayal and self-destruction—leading to eventual transformation—as the power games of the outside world are ritualized among the women.

    标签:  德国 / CULT / 女权主义 / 实验电影 / 先锋 / 情色 / 幻想 / 女同主义
    V_Lachesis  2011-12-16
    Without the costumes, it's just a flock of feminism symbols consuming your 2hrs and a half.
    Dying Jesus  2011-12-29
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