Songs from the Southern Seas (2009)

  • 导演: Marat Sarulu
  • 编剧: Marat Sarulu
  • 制片国家/地区: 法国 / 德国 / Kazakhstan / 俄罗斯
  • 语言: 俄语
  • imdb网址: tt0959381
  • Songs from the Southern Seas剧情简介
      Ivan is Russian, his neighbor Assan is Kazakh. They live in a small village in Kazakhstan. When Ivan's wife gets pregnant and gives birth to a brown boy, he suspects that she has been cheating on him with Assan. Half a year later, Assan's wife gives birth to a ginger boy. Whom betrayed whom? A conflict is sparked that won't fully rest for 15 years. Marat Sulu's script goes deep under the surface of a Russian - Kazakh family story - profoundly, emotionally and disrespectfully.

    标签:  俄罗斯 / 哈薩克 / 2009 / Marat_Sarulu / 德国 / 法国 / 第三十三屆香港國際電影節 / 蘇俄與共
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